08. March 2012

2012: New Talc LPS series by LITHOS

Also available now a medium white talc series on an attractive price level.
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Fakuma. Reges Interesse an den Kunststoff-Compounds von ART und LITHOS

14. November 2011


LITHOS Industrial Minerals and ART Asamer Rubber Technology participated with a common fair on the FAKUMA from 18th to 22nd of October, 2011. The FAKUMA counts to the world’s most important plastics fairs and takes place at the Friedrichshafen Exhibition Centre.

FAKUMA has developed as the Mecca of the European plastics industry in the non-“K” years. Located in Friedrichshafen, it’s held at the heart of the European plastics industry and presents world class, comprehensive offerings covering all aspects of injection moulding and extrusion.

LITHOS offers both high quality talc additives as powders and dust-free masterbatches as granules from one source. Additionally even tailor-made talc-compounds can be offered as granules.

ART is producing sustainable thermoplastic elastomere compounds from a tyre recycling process with mix of properties not achieved yet on the market. Also rubber powder products are introduced with extreme finenesses (patent of 2011) and specific surface modifications for excellent dispersion in thermoplastic polymers. 

27. May 2011

Company Tour

On May 27, 2011 students of the Trade School 7 (Linz) visited the LITHOS site in Ennsdorf. Business Unit Manager Gerhard Fraundorfer did a plant tour with the future traders and presented the production-processes, the products and the marketing details of their business.

v.l.: Ing. Gerhard Fraundorfer, Tanja Gruber, Ing. Jürgen Mitterdorfer

10. April 2011

European Coatings Show

The European Coatings Show took place in Nuremberg from March 29 to 31, 2011. This international trade show is the European biggest event in the business field of paints and coatings. Together with the German partner RS-Rohstoff Sourcing, LITHOS presented the product portfolio. 887 exhibitors joined this trade fair as well as the marketing partner Bodo Möller Chemie, who represented the LITHOS brand for the northern European countries.

With special talc and zeolite products we offer filler-solutions which give paints, colours, coatings and putties important properties, like hiding power, rheology- and whiteness improvements (TiO2 savings), odor binding, hydrophobia, and much more. For instance fineness or particle shape and other production quality criteria are essential.