Lithorit H

Lithorit H is a functional filler, which is a natural composition of the 3 minerals muscovite, quartz and chlorite.

Due to the high-quality production and the extraordinary good properties Lithorit H can be used as filler in several applications. For example, Paint, Coatings, Plasters, adhesives and other water-based systems.

Lithorit increases the hiding power, weathering resistance and has excellent properties in anti-corrosion products. Furthermore, Lithorit H increases the elasticity and leads to a reduction in the use of solvent and thus lowers VOC emissions.

Benefits of characteristics:

  • increase thermal shock resistance
  • Increased protection against UV radiation
  • improvement of liability
  • increase abrasion resistance
  • reduction of shrinkage
  • increased elasticity
  • reduction of cracking
  • increase opacity
  • anti corrosion coatings


The Lithorit-series covers following products:

  • Lithorit 45H 
  • Lithorit 35H 
  • Lithorit Micro 20H 
  • Lithorit Super 15H